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延續原博士創新之星計畫( LEAP )培育創新創業人才之精神,並配合政府推動之「六大核心戰略產業」, 國科會推動計畫轉型為「產業創新人才海外培訓計畫」( X Talent ),選送台灣產學創新種子人才赴海外研習 6-12 個月, 以因應美中貿易戰及後疫情時代的產業轉型及新興產業發展需求,希冀種子人才返國後協助產業創新布局及發展, 讓台灣在全球科技戰略布局,精準掌握市場先機,在未來成為全球經濟成長關鍵的力量。
To extend the spirit of cultivating innovative and entrepreneurial talent fostered in the original “LEAP Program.” Moreover, based on the “Six Core Strategic Industries” promoted by the government, we send local talent of industry–academia innovation in Taiwan for overseas study in response to the United States–China trade war as well as the industrial transformation and development demands of emerging industries in the postepidemicera. We anticipate the local talent’s assistance in the promotion and development of industrial innovation following return to Taiwan. This allows Taiwan to grasp the early opportunities in the market for the strategic deployment of global technology, thereby enabling it to become a critical strength for global economic growth in the future.
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  • Tubis Technology Inc., funded in 2013, develops mmWave semiconductor ICs, phased-array antenna and communication systems for 5G Cellular and Satellite Communications market. Currently 20 people and is expected to increased to 35 people.

  • BioLegend develops world-class, cutting-edge antibodies and reagents for biomedical research, manufactured in our state-of-the-art facility in San Diego, CA. Our mission is to accelerate research and discovery by providing the highest quality products at an outstanding value and with superior customer and technical support.

  • Based in San Diego, Kneron Inc. is a start-up dedicated to local/edging AI solutions. Kneron was the winner of Tengfei Award by Tencent and won the third place in Innovation Competition of International Talents, Silicon Valley Division.

透過參與產業人才海外培訓 X Talent 計畫的海外高科技企業,一年的實習機會將連結世界新創領域的脈動, 提供您未來投入國內產業或學研界,更具前瞻性的視野與能力。 研習期間學員除專業研習外,更能在國際新創聚落落實社群交流,協助您發掘自己全方位的潛能、提升競爭力, 再造人生新巔峰。
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Now you have the opportunity to find out the secret of the success of overseas excellent companies!
Through overseas high tech enterprises participating in the X Talent Program, a one year talent circulation opportunity will help you connect with the pulse of the world's startup fields and provide you with a more forward looking vision and ability to contribute to domestic industries in the future. During the Program period, X Fellows can not only boost professional skills but also expand community networks in international innovative hubs. In short, the X Talent Program helps you explore your full potential and enhance your competitiveness.
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