What will your company benefit from X Talent Program?
Competitive Industries in Taiwan
It is known that Taiwan delivers high-quality services, products, research, and development capability in several industries such as semiconductor, computer science, IC design, electronics engineering and so on. Therefore, Taiwan possesses relevant industry experiences and professional experts in these fields. It is a great ground to nurture industrial freshmen as well as a great market to showcase. This makes Taiwan a key player in the supply and industry chain in the global game.

Taking advantage of the abundant experiences in competitive industries, Taiwan also grabs the opportunity to develop artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, big data, smart manufacturing, 5G, green energy, medical services, electric vehicle, and other new technologies. Based on the mature industries environment, Taiwan is able to develop new technologies and adapt quickly to changes while keeping her voice heard in the world.
Taiwan as a Bridge between West and East
Being a hub in Asia, Taiwan is familiar with Asian language, culture, history, and mindset. By bridging western and Asian demand and supply, Taiwan serves as an ideal connection to Asia and the rest of the world. After hosting X Talent Program fellows, you might have the best candidates to locate in the Asian office of your company who might be your Asian contact person to bridge your overseas offices as well as customers or partners. These trainees could potentially become your international focal point in Asia for research and development, for marketing or even for human resource training and other functions that your company might need.

Particularly, the “New Southbound Policy” has driven Taiwan to build a tight connection with ASEAN, New Zealand, Australia and some south Asian countries in several critical industries. This enables Taiwan to have strengthened cooperation relationships with these countries/partners. Therefore, Taiwan could be a critical bridge for your company and the market in the east.
Strategic Geographical Features of Taiwan
Located at the center of the Asia-Pacific region, Taiwan is the pivot spot for air as well as sea freight. Therefore, companies in various industries may set up offices and presence in Taiwan strategically for potential economic benefits on branding, business development, marketing, training, maintenance, assembling or other functions.

Open-minded, Innovative and Ambitious Environment in Taiwan
As an active team player in the global village and a democratic country with richness in history, Taiwan has always been open-minded. Taiwan embraces innovation and endeavors to construct her industrial ecosystem by setting up start-ups and accelerators, by encouraging academic institutions to commercialize their research outcomes, and by providing a safe-trial space. The constant encouragement of innovation and breakthrough drives the country forward.

Moreover, known for its economic and political stability as well as its financial transparency, Taiwan is a trust-worthy country for industries and corporates to set up presences and offices in.
High-level Talent Pool in X Talent Program
The eligible X talent program fellows shall obtain high-level degree or shall have relevant experiences in line with national technology development policy with special achievements. Their background is preferably in biotech, data science, mechanics, sports tech, aerospace, digital transfrmoation, etc.
Moreover, we encourage applicants to have industrial experiences prior to joining X Talent Program so that they will not only gain from the training but also contribute to the host company with expertise and experiences they possess. This makes X talent pool appealing and creates a win-win situation for both host companies and X fellows not just during the training period but also in the post-intern period if their relationship can foster future cooperation.
X talent Global Network - X talents + LEAPers...
Previous Taiwan talent program-LEAP initiated in 2017, it has cooperated with more than 130 high-tech companies, startups and venture capitals in the U.S., Israel and France, and funded more than 182 talents abroad. Those Program Fellows who completed the training period have gone to different parts of the world, dedicating what they've gained from the training to different industries, all of which start to make an impact. All in all, the X talent Program urges the stakeholders to cohere in the global network for the purpose of long-term talent circulation and multilateral benefits.
X Talent Program is calling for Host Company to join!
X Talent Program is calling for Host Company to join!

The X Talent Program is a Taiwanese high-tech talent circulation program. We aim to create mutual bonds and meaningful connections through matching forward-thinking companies with specialist talents. In this way, we cultivate and empower brilliant young minds who are in step with businesses set on improving the world.


At the X Talent Program, we seek partnerships that advance beyond borders. Together we change the world through meaningful connections. For more details and the most accurate timeline, please visit the Host Company Homepage. If you would like to join us, please click "Join 2024 batch" on top to fill in your company's information.


To become a X Talent Host Company, you should...

- Prepare a training plan

- Provide a suitable workspace and adequate equipment

- Offer ongoing supervision and evaluation