Frequently Asked Question
How long is the X Talent Program fellow selection process?

Each batch usually takes 3 months to select candidates, and also take another 3 months to conduct all the administration procedure. Therefore, the selection process usually takes 6 months. Additionally, admitted trainees will take time to process the visa application. As for the specific timeline of each batch, please check the detailed information on the Host Company home page.

How to contact X Talent Program Office?
  • Main communication Channel: By Email

An email will be the main communication way to work together for the host companies with X Talent Program Office, so please acknowledge X Talent Program Office mail:

  • Communication Channel: Email, Landline
  2. Landline:(886) 2-2737-7747, 2-2737-7738. Office time:10am-05 pm (UTC+8)
How to become a HC
How does my company apply for being a Host Company?

X Talent Program Office held one batch in a year, and the timeline is around Dec-Jun. The accurate time will be announced on the Host company home page, or click the link Subscribe to be Host Companies below to fill in your company contact information.  When the timeline is approaching, the X Talent Program Office will send you a reminder email to tell you how to apply for being a Host Company. 

Is there any specific requirement for being a host company?

The location of the Host Company 

Though X Talent Program is a global talent program, we could partner with companies worldwide (not including Taiwan).

Industry Field

Additionally, align with Taiwan industry development policy, X Talent Program Office particularly would like to partner with those companies in precision health, digital transformation tech, sports tech, space tech field, etc.

Prospective Host organizations have to:

  • Prepare a training plan 
  • Provide a suitable workspace and equipment
  • Offer ongoing supervision and evaluation
  • Hold an Employer Identification Number or Federal Tax Identification Number
  • Provide fellows with access to opportunities for cultural exchange
  • Provide at least 32 hours per week of training
Talents related
What is the standard or requirement for X talent program selecting trainees?
  1. Applicants of X Talent Program must be under the age of 40.
  2. People with a high-level degree. Those who do not have a high-level degree will be considered if their work experience is related to the governmental policy of technology development, or with other special achievements.

    Backgrounds of innovative industries including the Internet of things, semiconductors and IC design, biomedical, smart machinery, digital economy, green energy, defense, new agriculture, circular economy, and cultural innovation are preferred.

Would they fit the job vacancies of our company?

The whole X Talent Program selection process would collaborate with the host companies, and the companies would have the right to interview and choose the candidates.

Visa Issue
Does the host company need to help trainees to apply for Visa? What kind of Visa that Trainees apply for?
  • The Visa Category and Funding of U.S

In the U.S, X talent program trainee visa category will be J-1 Trainee, and NSTC will help the Host Company deal with the VISA application, and will be responsible for VISA application fee as well as the relevant insurance fee.

For the visa application process, the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE), an authorized agency designated by the U.S. Department of State for the J-1 Visa Program, will contact both the Host Company and the trainee regarding the subsequent Visa procedures once the announcement is made.

  • The Visa information of France 

In France, regarding the French regulation, X talent program trainee visa category will be Talent Passport (passeport talent). When applying for the Talent Passport, the trainee would have to provide a work contract indicating the minimum salary*. As a consequence, the salary must be paid by the host company, and the subsidy from NSTC cannot be counted since it is granted directly by the NSTC to the laureate. 

Please be aware that only the French company is responsible for delivering to the trainee a work contract in line with the Talent Passport criteria. And X Talent Program Office will also assist trainee(s) to apply for VISA with Bureau Français de Taipei.

(*) minimum salary amount: salary equivalent to 1.5 times SMIC in minimum of 12 months

  • The Visa information of Israel

In Israel, according to the State regulation,  X talent program trainee visa category will be B-1 Work Visa. The B-1 Work Visa requires the company to provide the trainee with a work contract with a salary double the average wage. In other words, although NSTC will provide the individual trainee(s) grants, the company still has to pay the trainee salary and a work contract in line with the B-1 Work Visa. X Talent Program Office will also assist  X talent program trainee(s) to apply for VISA from Israel Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei.


Should you have any further questions, please contact X Talent Program office for more information.

HC Responsibility
How do I know my company role while my company participate in X Talent Program?

Regarding X Talent Program Office is based in Taiwan, and the host companies are located overseas. The whole communication and administration process of X Talent Program would conduct in the air. If the host companies could be aware of the following notifications, it would help both parties have a pleasant collaboration. 

1. Be aware of X Talent Program Administration timeline and E-mails

X Talent Program Office would release the timeline of each batch on the Host company home page and send reminders while the significant milestone is approaching. We would need your assistance to confirm and coordinate the following administrative work.

Some host companies' email systems would block X Talent Program Office mail as spam mail, so please check the spam mail from time to time, particularly when the date is approaching each time.

The timeline would be like the following flow chart for your reference.

2. Company Information, Candidate interview, Trainees on Board-Administration are three of the most important procedures that X Talent Program office need the host company to collaborate closely.

3. Please inform X Talent Program Office of the Substitute contact  

While the main contact of your company for X Talent Program on the vocation or he/she is no longer in the company, please do remember to inform X Talent Program Office who is the substitute contact to keep being informed during the selection process.

Do the host companies need to provide salary, accommodation, or any other welfare for trainees?
  • The training plan and welfare plan will be decided by the Host Company and the trainee. However, it is very important to obey the laws and regulations in the country and the state the trainee will be staying in. X Talent Program Office would not intervene in the discussion regarding fees, costs, welfare, and so on. Nevertheless, the Host Company shall comply with local and domestic regulations regarding this matter.


  • During the one-year internship, the Host Company is excepted to provide trainees mentorship. And X Talent Program expects the Host Company could provide a safe and positive working environment as well as reasonable working equipment for the trainee.
The related info for HC
  • The patent generated during the training at the host company shall belong to the host company.

  • After the training period, X Talent Program Fellows are obliged to return to and serve in Taiwan within five years. The time span of serving in Taiwan should be as long as the training period of accepting the subsidy.

  • Host companies can choose their ideal candidates. However, the final matchmaking result will be determined by the final review of NSTC Committee.